“Picasso BABY”

Jay-Z-Picasso-Baby-VideoI really want to shed some more light on  rapper Shawn Corey Carter known as Jay-Z because he cause a controversy about the difference between performance art and interactive/ participatory art. . He is one of the most financially successful hip-hop artist in America. Jay- Z has a great love for visual arts and has been focused on the art world for many year. He associates himself with the art world by putting artist names in his lyrics and being an art collector as well. In 2013, Jay- Z put on a performance piece in the Pace Gallery in New York City. He calls it Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film. He says “In a concert all the energy comes to the audience but in the performance the audience and he switch energy” he also says “all artist are cousins.” The piece Picasso Baby was inspired by Marina Aramovic’s MoMa show, The Artist is Present. Abramavic is a performance artist and Jay-Z’s performance is similar to hers except she remains quiet in her piece. A lot of people criticized their connection because they are from two different art worlds. critics said “He is a rap artist and she is a performance artist.” But how can that be when their artwork has the same outcome? Jay- Z’s performance went on for 6 hours repeating the same song over and over again and Abramovic’s performance went on for hours but she didn’t say a thing. Jay- Z reacted with the audience and so did Abramavic. They performances was in a gallery, had the same reaction the only different was that Jay-Z was more energetic, he was the art piece, she was the art piece. So why are they considered different? Abramavis stated, It was weird, it had so much energy, it was art. It is also wonderful for visual artist to cross the borders with their medium and music has also been the Most immature form of art which is so wonderful.”

I think their title distinguishes who they are, not their actual work. i think if artist never broke rules of tried to something different their wouldn’t be any great artist. I think Jay- Z was correct when he said “All artist are cousins”, meaning all art has a relation to each other. He made a lot of people uncomfortable with blending contemporary art and hip-hop. To consider music “high art” brings people to their knees and it will be hard to accept. Artist don’t have to stay at a level where the art society puts them. What makes a person an artist? Whats the difference between a hip-hop artist that performs on stage and a performance artist. I say there is no difference.


Interactive and Participatory Art


Interactive art and participatory art s very common in the performance art world because it pusses boundaries. In the blog it take about how artist push boundaries and in the article it discusses Marina Abramovic who is a performance artist does interactive and participatory art. In her particular show ‘The Artist is Present” where she sat down at a table and allowed people to sit at the other end. She didn’t speak or touch her viewers she just looked at the person across for her. Her performance was indexconnecting with them as if they were crossing or exchanging energy. They just stare at each other, and with that different viewers had different reactions. “For those works that act as conduits to our emotions, artists have provided an outlet for every sentiment” – Some cried, others just stared…. Its amazing how many different reaction she had and she was only looking at them. Her performances usually involves viewer participation. This performance took place throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, starting before the Museum opens each day and continuing until after it closes, to allow visitors to experience the timelessness of the works.

Another artist is Jay- Z who did a 6 hour performance piece for his song Picasso Baby in the Pace Gallery in New York City. hJay-Ze says ” a concert is like a performance art.” Jay- Z says he’s a performance artist as well and I think he is right. This caused a lot of controversy because people was question where do they draw the lie to call someone an artist. He repeated his song over and over again and he stood on a distal with a rope wrapped around him as if he was the art. Jay- Z played with that fact that he was already rich and famous and comparing it as he was actually performing on the stage. It is like a compare an contrast to Marina Abramovic in which her performance was silent and his performance was energetic but the both created emotion. They both (the audience and the performer) interact with each other.


Marcel Duchamp,  Fountain, 1917

Bruce Nauman, Self Portrait as a Fountain, 1966-67



What is a remix? Kirby Ferguson – Everything is A Remix, 2010-2012:Watch parts 3 &4:Kirby Ferguson’s view about remix is any piece of art that contains a recognizable reference to another work. Ferguson is questioning is remixing a form of creativity, a production of the new on the shoulders of what precedes it, or is itjust copying? He comes out firmly on the side of creativity, calling for protections for people who, with good intentions, weave together bits of existing culture into something freshand relevant.He gathers a mountain of evidence that backs up this point, and thetopics range from simple borrowing to our complex legal system that doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity.

I can’t agree with Ferguson when he says “Nothing is original”. As an artist it is kind of frustrating to be influenced by someone and trying to make your work as original as possible but its kind of hard. We all are just building off things that has come before us. There is no question that all artist are influenced by others and that’s how some artist start off. Kirby believes that originality doesn’t exist in which I don’t totally agree with, I still believe you can be influenced by a work that you can make your own. It’s all about creativity. What has been done before can be done again just with a little twist.


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Douglas says Digiphrenia—Digi for “Digital,” and phrenia for “dissordered condition of mental activity.” “The irony is that while we’re busily trying to keep up with all this information, the information is trying and failing to keep up with us.” he talks about his personal experiences of time. We tend to conflict with technology and at times become overwhelming. He kind of states it can be addicting…but how can we live without it? We have to learn to live with it without being so much dependent on it. He says use the technology, don’t let it use you.

I can agree with him when he says technology uses us because we depend on it so much. I know I probably cant live a day without checking my sites. Its like the weather, before I get up in the morning I check it to see how to dress my son or go about my day. What if I didn’t have it, I would be playing the guessing game or wondering. Its interesting that Douglas does not have a Facebook. He says “There is no point in keeping up with people that you’re been trying to get away from”…in which I think is true. Facebook is like this connection with people without a connection even if you do not know them. I don’t think we can live without these things and I don’t think we should. I’ll just agree with Douglas when he says “use the technology and don’t let it use you.”

“Worship at the Altar of Convergence”

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Jenkins described convergence as a flow of content across different media platforms. Examples like a newspaper article is no longer found just in a traditional print newspaper. “They are also found on the internet, and even as applications for smart phones.” As technology advances, convergence will be more prevalent. He discusses old vs. new media.


The content of the article is easy to understand but you have to read between the lines of what he is actually saying. I feel that media is everywhere and its not going away. Its about bringing the new and the old together. What was once old will combine with the new and work together to make something different. Like cell phones we once could only call, then we could call and text, then we could call, text, tweet, browse, Facebook all at the same time.I like the idea of content being available across different platforms. It makes the content more accessible  and instead of buying a newspaper to read the article, now we can log onto the newspaper’s website and view the article there for free. Its great that I can access everything from anywhere.

Jenkins states:

“Convergence occurs within the brains of individual consumers and through their social interactions with others.”

Facebook reduces “Alienation”

1. Summary

Does Facebook really make you less lonely and more connected? There was a study done that uses 100 students at the University of Arizona for a week. They put them in two groups, one was controlled and only posted normally and another group was told to post more frequently then they would normally do. The students that posted more didn’t have a change in their mood but they did feel less lonely during the week and felt that they were more important. They felt more connect to their peers of other people even though they was at a distance. The controlled group did not feel the same. The study shows that frequent Facebook posts reduces students “alienation” and replaces real social interaction.

2. Response Featured image

With me just moving to Columbus, GA I use Facebook and other social networks to stay connected with my family since I don’t have any family here. I do get lonely at times but when I see a post from one on my families I can say i get “less lonely” and fell more connected even though we are far apart. Instead of calling to see how they are doing I just log on to the site. It has helped me with my move knowing that I can still feel some kind of connection. I think it really does replace the real social interaction because I’m not eager to see them as often because I know how they are doing online. Even when I post I feel a lot better because they know how I’m doing.